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Start A Successful Cover Band

Want to earn over $30,000 a year playing live music? We have the book for you. Learn to take your musicianship and your partier spirit and turn it into some serious money and killer times. We're developing a book written by cover music scene veteran Jason Tanzer, the owner of a hugely successful entertainment agency in Las Vegas. He's writing the first-ever guide to teaching you exactly how to get your band on a stage, playing for people and earning great money.


How To Become A Successful Cover Musician - Book Cover

What is a "cover musician?" Good question. A cover musician performs "cover songs". A cover song is simply a performance of an original song from another artist. You don't get on stage and play your original songs; you play someone else's music. For example, as a cover musician, you'll play established hits from major bands in any genre. You might start an 80's band and play "80's New Wave" dressed in 80's era clothing. It's great fun it pays very well. Plenty of cover musicians in Las Vegas work only a few days a week for around four hours a night and earn over $30k a year. Some earn more, some earn less. If you want to earn the most, you're going to need to know what you're doing. You have to get it right! We'll teach you.

"But anyone can start a cover band and play other people's music, right?" Yes! Of course. But listen, if you want to learn how to do it right from that start and learn from MANY years of trial and error, we have the book for you. We already made the mistakes and will show you how to avoid them. Major mistakes can BREAK a contract and cost you a valuable gig. We'll teach you how to do it right. You'll learn how to make your band sound GREAT by working with "backing tracks", kind of like Karaoke music, but for bands to play along with. You'll discover how to make these backing tracks and how to sync the band up with them. You'll learn what the audience wants to hear and how to keep them dancing, which usually means drinking, which in turn means you getting paid and the venue owners loving you. You'll uncover the secrets of the business and have a hand to hold you through the whole process, from getting a band together to getting the contracts signed to ensure you get paid. Of course, we even have the contracts for you to present to the venue owner. In short, we cover all the bases for you so you can get started right and make it a success from the get go. You can literally be up and running in no time, but you have to have your act together. No pun.


If playing live music is not your thing OR you also like to write and record original music and want to earn amazing money doing it, check out our book about becoming a music producer in Production Music. It'll be perfect for you.


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StarPlay other artists music in bars, clubs and parties. Have fun!
StarMake great money by picking up weekly gigs, anywhere in the world.
StarHave way too much fun doing it. Did we say that already?
StarLearn how to get into the business the right way.
StarGain a total understanding of the business so you can make the most money.
StarUncover the most common mistakes that cost gigs, piss off crowds and cause major problems.
StarGet started the right way and keep the momentum going!


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