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Azusa Pacific University
Azusa, CA


Azusa Pacific University’s School of Music develops students into music professionals through an environment of musical excellence and artistic integrity.  Offering a B.A. in Music and B.M. in Music with emphasis options in applied music, composition, commercial music, music education, music theory, music and worship, and performance; master’s degrees in music education, performance, composition, and conducting; 20 music ensembles; and close proximity to the Los Angeles music culture; the School of Music provides students with a world-class experience.

Biola University Conservatory of Music
La Mirada, CA


The Conservatory has a longstanding tradition of academic and performance excellence. The faculty includes graduates from the most prestigious university music programs and conservatories in the country, and critically acclaimed Los Angeles-based musicians active in film, television, and the recording industry.

California Baptist University Shelby and Ferne Collinsworth School of Music
Riverside, CA


California Baptist University’s Shelby and Ferne Collinsworth School of Music offers one of the most progressive music programs on the West Coast. The music major instills students with a foundation for lifelong growth and discovery in music—and in life.  Beyond merely entertaining audiences, students are encouraged to engage passionately in their music—to truly communicate a mastery of experience and emotion. That’s why in every class, every rehearsal, every performance, each student is held to higher standards that will encourage them to develop and expand their God-given gifts and ultimately share them in service to others.  CBU’s music classroom style is often referred to as conservatory—intimate, challenging and rigorous—but unlike typical music conservatories that preserve the past with a traditional repertoire, CBU’s music is forward-looking to engage both musicians and audiences in the contemporary enjoyment of the art. The school’s musical philosophy is driven by the idea of making connections: between the music and the performer, the performer and the audience.

California Institute of the Arts Herb Alpert School of Music
Valencia, CA


The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts offers rigorous training in an unrivaled variety of musical styles and cultures. This vibrant mix helps each student to acquire the musical fluency to work across conventional boundaries, expand his or her artistic and cultural horizons, and develop a global creative vision.

California Lutheran University
Thousand Oaks, CA


Whether music is your life — or simply a treasured part of the life you hope to create — Cal Lutheran's Music Department can provide the professional training and performance experiences that maximize your abilities and enhance your love of the art.  The Music Department prides itself on creating a strong musical education within a nurturing atmosphere. Faculty members are experienced professionals who are committed to teaching excellence. The music program is widely respected for its performance ensembles, its classroom teaching, and its studio instruction.

California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
San Luis Obispo, CA


Designed for the student who wants a broad education in music, the Bachelor of Arts degree offers a balanced program of study in a wide range of subjects. In addition to the traditional emphasis on music theory, history and performance, Cal Poly's program includes American music, music of non-Western cultures, and the application of sound design. The program provides a large number of elective courses which allows the student to concentrate in a particular area or combine music with other subjects.

California Polytechnic University-Pomona
Pomona, CA


We're pleased you've come to the online home of the Music Department at Cal Poly Pomona.
The music department is proud to offer coursework leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. We have over 250 majors choosing career paths in music education, music industry studies, and music performance.

In the Cal Poly Pomona tradition of "learn by doing", music majors are given a variety of hands-on experiences through internships in the music industry, field experiences in teaching, and master classes with renowned artists. Our general education classes, such as Introduction to Music, Music Appreciation and World Music, as well as our ensembles are open to all university students, regardless of major.

California State University-Bakersfield
Bakersfield, CA


The mission of the Music Program is to actively contribute to the musical, intellectual, cultural, and aesthetic environment of the California State University at Bakersfield and its service region. The mission is achieved through the programs of study provided for Music Majors, the several music electives for non-majors, and the many varied concerts, recitals, workshops, and festivals offered and hosted by the department on campus and throughout the community. The principal mission of the Music Major is realized when the music student completes the curriculum for a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Music, following one of two tracks: General Music or Music Education. This specialized music curriculum is set within a liberal arts context insuring that music students receive a broad education in the arts and humanities as well as their highly specialized professional training in music. Students who successfully complete the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music will be prepared for graduate study, primary or secondary teaching in music, and a variety of career options in the field of music.

California State University-Chico
Chico, CA


The Music Department at California State University, Chico offers excellent curricular programs and opportunities for a variety of career objectives. Students take a core of classes intended to give them a basic understating of music theory, history, ear training, keyboard proficiencies, and technologies. The degree options allow students to choose areas of specialization.

California State University-Dominguez Hills
Carson, CA


The California State University Dominguez Hills Deparment of Music is a department of the Division of Performing, Visual and Digital Arts.  The Department offers programs leading the the Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance (including all instruments, voice, conducting and composition), General Music and Music Education. A minor in General Music is also available to students who major in other subjects. For degree programs in Recording Engineering and Music Synthesis, see the Department of Digital Media Arts.  The Music Program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). The Program is distinguished by the wide range of possible experiences it offers the student: performance, composition, conducting, music history, world music, music for children, electronic music synthesis, music for the theater, jazz, popular and gospel.

California State University-East Bay
Hayward, CA


The mission of the Department of Music is to offer all students outstanding musical and educational experiences within a nurturing and collegial environment.  These experiences provide opportunities for personal and professional enrichment by developing a greater appreciation for and understanding of the art of music.  Through performance, creative activity, research, scholarship and teaching, students are prepared for careers as performers, composers, teachers and independent scholars, and for advanced study.

California State University-Fresno
Fresno, CA


Our program provides undergraduate and graduate instruction in music for those planning professional careers as performers, composers, and studio teachers, as well as those preparing for advanced degrees in performance and composition. It also provides State-approved subject matter preparation required for a California teaching credential in music, and graduate instruction for students planning professional and academic careers or seeking professional growth as K-12 teachers or junior college instructors. Students can also acquire a broad acquaintance with music for the community and non-music major.

California State University-Fullerton
Fullerton, CA


The CSU Fullerton Department of Music has been training students for professions in music for more than fifty years.  Our many successful alumni make a large footprint in classical and commercial music performance and teaching in Southern California, and the footprint extends in many directions throughout the United States and the world.  Our faculty’s primary focus is to teach music, and we do that with a great deal of personal attention for every music major.  At the same time, our faculty members are some of the finest performers and scholars in the world, some with world-wide reputations, and others whose work is centered in the vibrant Los Angeles arts and entertainment scene just miles from our campus.  The CSU Fullerton Department of Music has been fully and continuously accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music since 1966.

California State University-Long Beach Bob Cole Conservatory of Music
Long Beach, CA


The world of music is a vast and ever-changing field that is influenced by culture, politics, economics, and ultimately through the performance of the individual artist. Artistry is realized through dynamic learning experiences that lead to personal accomplishment. The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach is proud to offer these experiences. You are about to enter the real world of music that awaits you at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music.

California State University-Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA


As a student at CalState LA you have many opportunities to engage with music. Whether your interest is studying music as your academic major or minor, or only for personal growth and enrichment, you will find the musical experiences you need. Our excellent performing ensembles and music courses provide students exciting opportunities that challenge and satisfy while developing musical sensitivity and knowledge.

California State University-Monterey Bay
Monterey Bay, CA

The Music and Performing Arts Department (MPA) is an integral part of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science. The current program provides students foundations in theory, history and performance leading to concentrations in Recording Technology and Contemporary Music. Students collaborate within the college in a wide variety of productions and participate in Service Learning programs within their community.  Students seeking a Bachelors of Arts degree in music can look forward to a variety of learning experiences with particular emphasis on the fact that all forms of art are interdisciplinary collaborations among artists. At the core of our collaborations are applied music and new technologies working together to enhance individual creativity.

California State University-Northridge
Northridge, CA


The mission of the Department of Music is to train musicians to their highest creative and intellectual potential, encourage them to develop professional relationships based on respect for all people, and prepare them for service to their local community and innovative careers in the heart of the music and entertainment industries and beyond.

California State University-Sacramento
Sacramento, CA


As a student at California State University, Sacramento, you are an integral part of one of the top-ranked regional universities in the Western United States.  Faculty and students come from around the country and around the world to teach and study, and to open doors to a broad spectrum of artistic and intellectual pursuits.

California State University-San Bernardino
San Bernardino, CA


Modern musicians have access to more kinds of music than ever before in history. CSUSB's music curriculum—with courses in electronic music, performance, world music, historical studies, music education and music theory—reflects that diversity in that it offers programs for students who wish to enter the teaching profession, become a professional musician, work in the music industry, pursue an advanced degree, or simply enrich their education.

California State University-Stanislaus
Turlock, CA


As a student attending California State University, Stanislaus, you will be a part of a unique educational environment with faculty and students who come from across the country and around the world. Ranked by the Princeton Review in the top 15 percent of colleges and universities nationally, CSU Stanislaus will provide you with a broad and enriching spectrum of artistic and intellectual pursuits.

Chapman University Conservatory of Music
Orange, CA


The Conservatory of Music provides aspiring musicians with a rigorous, professional musical training program, coupled with a supportive liberal arts environment, which enriches the human mind and spirit. This outstanding music curriculum prepares our students to enter a variety of professional fields after graduation or continue their studies in top graduate programs throughout the country.

Claremont Graduate University
Claremont, CA


TheMusic Department offers courses of study leading to the degrees of master of arts, doctor of church music, doctor of musical arts, and doctor of philosophy.  In addition, three professional master of arts degrees are offered that combine musicology with subspecializations in music communications, arts administration, and information management. These professional programs are terminal at the master's level.  All programs are designed with special emphasis upon music within its interdisciplinary, cultural, and intellectual context. They combine comprehensive training in music literature, historical style analysis, and the study of performance practices, with the most recent analytical methodologies. The doctor of church music and the master's degree with a concentration in church music are offered in cooperation with the Claremont School of Theology.

The Colburn School
Los Angeles, CA


The Colburn School's mission is to provide the highest quality performing arts education at all levels of development in an optimal learning environment. The school strives to serve the community by presenting our students, faculty and guest artists in more than 300 concerts each year, many of which are free.  Additionally, Colburn outreach programs reach approximately 15,000 underserved children in the community each year. 

Concordia University-Irvine
Irvine, CA


Whether you are a music major or a musically-involved "non-major," you can count on becoming a close member of our renowned student-musician community. This is truly the heart of the Concordia Experience. At any given moment, students will be helping each other "get" the latest theory assignment from Dr. Geisler, collaborating on a new student-composed jazz combo piece, working out the tricky clarinet tutti passage from a soon-to-be-performed symphony, or just hanging out and telling stories. The music community at Concordia is not stratified - freshmen work closely with seniors and non-majors appear with music majors. We're all facing challenges and experiencing triumphs together.

Cornel School of Contemporary Music at Shepherd University
Los Angeles, CA


Located in the heart of culturally active Los Angeles, the Cornel School of Contemporary Music at Shepherd University is situated at the center of the entertainment industry. We provide an Undergraduate (Bachelor) Degree in Music as well as a Graduate (Masters) Degree program. Concentrations include Music Production, Songwriting, Contemporary Performance, Contemporary Christian Music, Contemporary Composition, and Film Scoring. The modern music industry is looking for complete musicians; talented people who can create, know the technology, and run their business. The Cornel School of Contemporary Music is the place to get a complete musical education, and real-world practical training. The skills you acquire at CSCM prepare you for success in the competitive professional world. In addition, we provide students with scholarships to help make it possible to achieve their goals as world-class musicians.

Dominican University of California
San Rafael, CA


The music program offers courses designed to give students a broad understanding and appreciation of the intellectual, social, and spiritual values of music in the individual's cultural life through performance, the study of theory and literature, participation in performing ensembles, and listening to music.

Fresno Pacific University
Fresno, CA

The music program exists to prepare performers, train teachers and encourage composers to minister through music to the church and community.  The curriculum is designed to prepare skillful musicians, effective communicators, creative teachers and responsible servant leaders in the church and the community. Through the study of music theory and history and the practice of music performance, students will be prepared for lifelong exploration of music.

Holy Names University
Oakland, CA


The music department at Holy Names University offers its students professional musical preparation together with a liberal arts education. Weekly performance labs, vocal, instrumental and piano forums, student recitals and noon concerts provide students with a variety of informal and formal performance opportunities in a supportive setting. In addition, the Bay Area offers many opportunities for students to hear world-class musicians and to perform in venues beyond the college.

Hope International University
Fullerton, CA


At Hope, the Worship Arts major prepares students with skills that will serve as a foundation for music ministry. Balanced between theory and practice, our students learn how to create meaningful church services using music and how to serve alongside pastoral staff. Practical skills such as instrumental and voice lessons, leadership of a worship service, training others for ministry, and technical knowledge serve to craft a strong foundation for each graduate.

Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA


The mission of the Music Department at Humboldt State University is to provide well-designed, cohesive, and effective instruction for our students; to be engaged with music as a performing art; to investigate music as a discipline with a considerable and global body of scholarship; and to promote music as a deeply rewarding lifelong area of expression. 

La Sierra University
Riverside, CA


The Department of Music is an integral part of La Sierra University, a university where music is highly valued. The environment of learning and culture, along with the close proximity to Los Angeles, enriches the programs of study by providing access to world-class concerts and recitals, as well as master teachers. A distinguished, yet highly accessible faculty of artist-scholars prepares students for professional music careers in performance, teaching, and music technology.

Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, CA


Music takes you to a world in which you can fully explore your passions of expression as a solo player or a performer among many.  Life in the LMU Music program is filled with the sounds of voices, pianos, classical guitars, strings, and percussion, including the metalophones of Bali and the drums of West Africa.  This is a place where you can see how others have created music for you to perform or you can compose it yourself and hear others present the world premier.  The program inspires students to develop their musical talents in ways they have never thought possible. Through our distinguished faculty, challenging curriculum and exciting performance opportunities, students can pursue their passion for music in an environment that encourages individual discovery and the realization of artistic potential.

The Master’s College
Santa Clarita, CA

Welcome to the Department of Music at The Master's College.  Our mission is to inspire students toward excellence in every way for the Master, and we think we have a place for you!  The Master's College is accredited by NASM, the National Association of Schools of Music.  Having close to 100 majors, our department is large enough to provide performance opportunities in state-of-the-art facilities and small enough to grant individual attention and a variety of experiences.

Mills College
Oakland, CA

For well over half a century, the Music Department at Mills College has enjoyed an international reputation. Because of its strong faculty and history of innovation, the department is in a unique position to enable its students to participate in some of the most exciting areas of development for music making in our time. All music students at Mills, whether they are music majors, music minors, or those who simply wish to take music courses, benefit from this stimulating, creative atmosphere.

Mount St. Mary’s College
Los Angeles, CA

Students who major in music love to listen to, perform, discuss, and create music. Does this sound like you?  At Mount St. Mary’s music majors acquire a broad knowledge of music history, literature, and theory, as well as skill in performance, direction, composition, and analysis.  Our program of study includes a Bachelor of Arts in music (B.A.) with emphases in music performance (keyboard, voice, strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion), music education (single subject high-school certification), music & multi-media, and music history.

Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music
Hollywood, CA


Musicians Institute’s unique campus is located in the center of Hollywood, California. The three-story, 60,000 square-foot main building contains world-class recording and performing facilities along with classrooms, practice rooms and library. Nearby are facilities housing additional classrooms, practice rooms, studios and performance rooms as well as MI”s administrative offices (click on facility pages to see details). The main building is open to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week except holidays.

Notre Dame de Namur University
Belmont, CA


The BFA in Musical Performance program provides an intensive, professional-level training ground for performers in opera, musical theatre, and concert performance,   with available studies in Composing and Education. An integrated curriculum of individual instruction, classes, workshops, and performance requirements prepares    the qualified student for the realities of a career in the performing arts.

Occidental College
Los Angeles, CA


The Music Department offers opportunities to explore the art of music though classroom instruction, private lessons, solo and ensemble performance, and independent study. Students engage in a rigorous analytical study of music from the great musical traditions of the world, which they apply to their own artistic expression as they engage in specific studies in composition, performance, conducting, music theory, and music history.

Pacific Union University
Angwin, CA


The Pacific Union College Department of Music provides opportunities to understand, appreciate and perform great music. Our goal is to provide students with learning opportunities in theory, music history, ensembles, music education and performance. We train students to be performers, teachers, scholars and creators. We also encourage the development of an aesthetic, analytical and historical understanding of and appreciation for great music.

Pepperdine University Seaver College
Malibu, CA


The music curriculum is designed to enhance and expand the student's musical ability. Theoretical and historical studies are intended to be utilized by the student studying applied music and participating in the various performing organizations. Students may choose one or more areas of emphasis study which may lead to a career in performing, teaching, or one of many music-related professions.

Pinnacle College
Alhambra, CA


Founded in 1972, Pinnacle College (formerly Sound Master Recording Engineer School) is the first school of its kind in California. Our Recording Engineer and Video Game Sound Design programs provide professional-level instruction that puts you on the path to a career in Music and Sound. With campuses in both Los Angeles and Sacramento, your sound production education is within reach.


We offer small classes, hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology and a curriculum that balances academic lectures and practical workshops in our own professional studios. Whether you’re interested in sound for games, recording engineering, music production, mixing and mastering, Audio/Video Post Production or music composition, at Pinnacle College, you will hone the skills you need to perform at the highest level. Our alumni have been honored with numerous industry awards, earning Pinnacle College a reputation as a leader in audio engineering education.

Point Loma Nazarene University
San Diego, CA

Studying music is the perfect way to foster individual and corporate growth. In the Department of Music, you'll pursue musical excellence within a community of grace. We develop leaders in education, composition, performance, and worship.  We offer a full range of performing ensembles, including Choral Union, Concert Choir, Point Loma Singers, Chorale, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, String Quartet, Concert Band, Handbell Choir, Jazz Band, and Chamber Orchestra.  Each music major participates in at least one of these groups.  Music majors have opportunities to travel and perform around the United States and the world. But even performing on your own campus is world-class, as the highly sought-after Crill Hall has been noted as one of the finest performance halls in San Diego.

Pomona College
Pomona, CA


The Department of Music offers a broad range of courses every year, from the History of Jazz to The Evolution of Western Music to Beethoven, and Electronic Music Studio. A full-time faculty of ten professors provides courses in theory, history, performance, and ethnomusicology designed to meet the needs of both students who choose one of the music concentration programs and students who wish to explore music one course at a time. Private instrumental and vocal lessons, from beginning to advanced levels, are offered by some members of the full-time faculty and by a performance faculty of over 25.

San Diego Christian College
El Cajon, CA


In the Department of Music, we strongly believe personal talents are given to us for the glory of none other than Jesus Christ. Faculty seek to find ways to help students understand their unique opportunity to participate with Christ as He seeks to reach and save the lost, encouraging each student to strive for excellence within their musical or theatrical abilities, as well as their personal character and integrity.  Whether a student feels led toward vocal or instrumental performance, musical theater, teaching in the private or public schools, or leading worship in the church setting, we have a program designed to develop an excellence that speaks of our Savior and Lord. Students will find a challenging program of study, a tremendous community environment, and limitless performance opportunities. So if you have a gift and passion for musical or dramatic arts, we invite you to consider SDCC and let us shape your gifts in a manner that serves the Master.

San Diego State University
San Diego, CA


We are the School of Music and Dance that delivers specialized educational instruction, experiences and career development for students by creating an artistic environment based on the unique strengths and knowledge of our accomplished faculty. Our programs emphasize experiential development through high quality performances, professional engagement and applied practical training in music and dance. Each student’s career aspirations are advanced under the supervision of a supportive and skilled faculty through a comprehensive professional curriculum.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music
San Francisco, CA


The San Francisco Conservatory of Music educates exceptionally talented musicians from around the world to become artists of the highest caliber, as well as musical citizens prepared for the challenges of the twenty-first century.  To accomplish this mission, the Conservatory will: Offer a curriculum based on the essential need both to honor tradition and encourage innovation; Engage and support a faculty of master teachers committed to cultivating the individual excellence, collaborative spirit and creative thinking that the professional musician requires and our culture demands; Provide an intimate and supportive environment that enables each student to find a distinctive voice.  Situated in one of the most dynamic and eclectic cities in the world, the San Francisco Conservatory is poised to nurture a new generation of gifted musicians who will help advance and shape the musical culture of our century.

San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA

Our mission is to create and maintain an environment that promotes respect for and appreciation of scholarship, freedom, human diversity and the cultural mosaic of the city of San Francisco and the Bay Area.  To promote excellence in instruction and intellectual accomplishment; to provide broadly accessible higher education for residents of the region and state, as well as the nation and world.  We aim to provide our students with the analytical, creative, and technical skills necessary to investigate, compose or choreograph, perform, and teach music or dance in a setting where traditional and innovative approaches are combined to meet the needs of our diverse urban community.

San Jose State University
San Jose, CA


Welcome to the web site for the School of Music & Dance at San José State University. We are pleased that you are interested in learning more about the many dynamic programs offered in our school. Founded in 1857, San José State is the longest standing public university in the West. We have been preparing professional performers, composers and music educators longer than any other school in California. We have one of the most comprehensive programs in the state, taught by the most talented and dedicated faculty that you will find anywhere. Our innovative curriculum truly prepares students for success in the twenty-first century.

Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, CA


Committed to the education of the whole person: intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual, the goal of the Department of Music is to provide an intellectual and stimulating artistic environment, which fosters individual expression and creativity through the study of music and musical performance.  Inasmuch as music is a fundamental characteristic of the human experience and an important component of the liberal arts education within the context of a Jesuit university, the curriculum is designed to provide students of diverse backgrounds with the skills necessary not only to understand and to perform music, but also to appreciate music's role in human history and its potential to enhance the lives of all people.

Scripps College
Claremont, CA


The study of music at Scripps College explores music as a cultural expression of Europe, the Americas, and other parts of the world. It provides students with historical perspectives on various musical repertories, socio-cultural understandings of contemporary and historical musical practices, skills in music theory and analysis, and techniques of musical performance and composition. The Music Department also offers qualified students opportunities to perform in solo and group recitals, as well as in chamber music groups, choral ensembles, and orchestra.

Simpson University
Redding, CA


The Department of Music is characterized by highly skilled and caring educators.  Our commitment is to prepare students for professions or graduate studies in music ministry, music education, composition or performance. We are passionate about music and about our students’ holistic development.  Many of our graduates have successful careers as worship leaders and elementary or secondary music teachers. Others pursue graduate training or professional activities in performance or composition.

Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, CA


Since 1972, the Music Department at Sonoma State University has been a fully accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music. Last year the department presented more than 100 performances reaching 9,000 audience members.  From faculty and guest artist recitals to large and small student ensembles, everybody performs. As a fully invested partner in music education, the music department hosts numerous high school music festivals each year, and music faculty members are in demand as conductors, clinicians and performers.  A commitment to active involvement stands at the heart of the music curriculum. We value music of different cultures, ethnic groups, formal styles, and historical periods. Students and faculty are involved in many ways--as listeners, performers, composers, critics or historians. Intelligent and lively participation informs every facet of the department's various degree programs.

Stanford University
Stanford, CA


The Department of Music was formally founded in 1947, but music has been an important facet of the University from its inception, when founder Jane Stanford encouraged sacred concerts in Memorial Church.  We offer undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of subjects, as well as group and private lessons for students, and opportunities for ensemble participation. The Department of Music presents more than 150 concerts and recitals each year, providing performance opportunities for students throughout the University. Over 1,000 students, most of whom are not music majors, participate in ensembles, chamber groups, private lessons, and major productions, including a fully-staged presentation of Mozart's The Magic Flute (2002).

University of California-Berkeley
Berkeley, CA

The Department of Music at U.C. Berkeley is consistently ranked among the top three music departments in the United States, changing with the times while maintaining its distinction thanks to an innovative faculty, top-notch students, dedicated staff, and supportive alumni.  We successfully integrate academic studies with performance. We are small enough to foster a sense of community, yet big enough to offer a broad variety of courses that enables students to craft programs suited to individual interests. These are complemented by an array of performance courses and opportunities.

University of California-Davis
Davis, CA


The Department of Music at the University of California, Davis, offers a curriculum based on a synthesis of music scholarship, performance, and composition. Undergraduate majors can pursue Bachelor of Arts degree tracks in performance, composition and theory, or history. A Master of Arts program leads to Doctor of Philosophy degrees in the fields of composition and theory, musicology, or ethnomusicology. The department also offers a master's emphasis in conducting. A distinguished teaching faculty of 14 faculty and 25 applied faculty serves some 140 undergraduate music students and 23 graduate students. Many of the department's graduates successfully continue their education in the best graduate schools and move into a variety of related careers. Department assets include a diverse collection of instruments and facilities, such as an extensive music library and an electronic music studio.

University of California-Irvine
Irvine, CA


The curricular philosophy of the Department of Music is based on the ideals of the conservatory within the academy. We are concerned with the performance and creation of music within the context of the highest standards of historical aesthetic, and theoretical inquiry. This philosophy is reflected in both the undergraduate and graduate curricula, and in the makeup of the faculty and student cohort as well. At the same time, we take seriously the value of education in music for the broader student body, and toward that end we offer a range of courses for non-majors that explore music in the humanistic domain. Our performing ensembles are open to all qualified students, regardless of whether they are music majors or not.

University of California-Los Angeles Herb Alpert School of Music
Los Angeles, CA


With its three outstanding departments of Ethnomusicology, Music and Musicology, The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music aspires to educate the whole student through productive collaborations between performance and scholarship, a cross-cultural, global understanding of the art of music, and preparatory training for a broad range of careers in music after graduation.

University of California-Riverside
Riverside, CA


The Department features a distinctive and supportive environment for study in music. It emphasizes close interaction between its students and faculty, and provides for a continuously expanding range of musical and intellectual pursuits. Faculty interests range from traditional Western art music (offering foundational study in traditional musicology, theory, and composition) and ethnomusicology (music ethnography) to cultural studies, gender/sexuality, critical theory, free improvisation, digital and electronic music composition, popular music and the culture industry (including television and film as well as computer gaming), area studies, and many others. The entire faculty shares a belief in the importance of musical performance, an activity in which many are regularly engaged, and students receive individual attention in both research and creative projects.

University of California-San Diego
San Diego, CA


UCSD's Department of Music was founded by Will Ogdon and Robert Erickson in 1966. The two innovative composers shared a belief that the most effective educational environment brings together the finest faculty with gifted graduate students in a challenging, supportive environment that encourages each student to find his or her own path. Today, the Department of Music offers graduate degree programs in Composition, Computer Music, Integrative Studies, and Performance.

University of California-Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA


The Music Department has established a program of scholarly and creative study fully comparable to other major institutions. The program, which derives from traditional and historical foundations of the discipline, also has begun to take a leading position in the technological advances in music research and composition, as well as the growing study of world music.

University of California-Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA


The music program at UCSC integrates music performance, theory, composition, history and literature. It offers a wide variety of possibilities both to students wishing to major or minor in music, and to all students who wish to increase their musical abilities and understanding. The Music Department supports an unusually diverse curriculum for a department of its size. By a choice of electives, the student can emphasize aspects of music beyond the basic core courses required of the major or minor.

University of La Verne
La Verne, CA


The mission of the Music Department is to provide students opportunities to experience a broad spectrum of music from the Western fine art tradition, the many genres of American music, and the music of other cultures. Through the courses and performances offered by the department, students will develop an understanding of artistic expression as an essential part of life and learn skills essential to musicians today. Students may choose a major or minor with a concentration in performance, history, or theory/composition.  The department has a unique relationship with the total educational experience in that students majoring in other areas are invited and encouraged to participate in all classes, ensembles, and applied lessons. Students are given the opportunity to initiate and/or continue development of their musical interests and talents.

University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music
Stockton, CA


Outstanding faculty, exceptional students, and relevant programs have given the Conservatory of Music recognition as one of the top music schools in the nation.  Students receive a high degree of personal attention thus assuring a meaningful learning experience.  In addition, many alumni mentor students through internships and employment. The results speak for themselves.

University of Redlands
Redlands, CA


In the School of Music our goal is to educate the whole musician, not just to train a performer.  All great performances go far beyond technical mastery to include a sense of history, society, culture and art. Through a conservatory approach in a liberal arts setting, our students learn to perform, interpret and teach music in a rich learning environment that provides a broad education and intense training.

University of San Diego
San Diego, CA


The Department of Music at USD offers an integrated study of music history, theory, composition and performance in a Liberal Arts environment. The professionally active faculty, student ensembles and guest artists contribute to a lively culture of performance and scholarly inquiry.

University of Southern California Thornton School of Music
Los Angeles, CA


Blending the rigors of a traditional conservatory-style education with the benefits of studying at a leading research university, the Thornton School offers students a thorough music education in a real-world context. Located at the center of Los Angeles, the school is the collegiate partner of choice for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Los Angeles Opera, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the GRAMMY Foundation and The Recording Academy, to name a few.

Vanguard University
Costa Mesa, CA


The Department of Music seeks to provide understanding and appreciation of the creative process and historical context of music with a Christian worldview by offering opportunities for all students to create and recreate music through writing and performance, and to develop their performance skills both individually and through participating in musical ensembles. Further, the program is designed to prepare students to effectively communicate the aesthetic qualities of music from various styles and cultures to a diverse population – whether in music ministry, worship arts, performance, music industry careers, or teaching in public or private schools.

Westmont College
Santa Barbara, CA


The Music Department equips students for the serious study, composition and performance of great music within the scope of the liberal arts tradition and the context of the Christian faith and worship. The primary objective of the Music Department is to develop skilled musicians with Christian insight into their art and craft at an advanced level. The Music Department works toward that objective in many ways unique to the arts, and always as part of and in harmony with the total College community.

Whittier College
Whittier, CA


The Department of Music provides a challenging yet supportive environment to students of wide-ranging experiences and accomplishments, for the purpose of guiding and preparing them for a lifetime of musical exploration ranging from casual but informed listening to intense graduate study and musical career paths.

William Jessup University
Rocklin, CA


We are excited about what the future holds for you as a musician, as a student, and as a developing Christian.  At William Jessup University, we truly believe that one of our strongest qualities is the fact that our students experience the very highest level of mentoring and personal attention from faculty who are not only experts in their field, but who are active musicians themselves.  What this means for you is an experience that goes beyond just the classroom and rehearsal hall.  The WJU music experience gives you an opportunity to develop beside a mentor that will guide you through the most critical years of your professional life.  Simply put, we want to help you become the musician and disciple of Christ that you will be for the rest of your life. 

World Mission University
Los Angeles, CA


World Mission University offers a Bachelors degree in Music requiring 136 semester hours of credit. The program requires four academic years of course work including General Education courses, Bible/Theology courses and music courses to prepare graduates to use their musical talents to serve the Church and society. Graduates will be qualified to serve as directors of music, worship leaders and to prepare students for graduate study in music. The Master of Arts in Music degree is a two-year program designed to provide opportunities for advanced study in music so that graduates may use their musical talents to serve the Church and the world. Graduates will be qualified to serve as directors of music, private music instructors, and performers. The M.A. in Music program requires 48 semester credits. As many as 24 semester credits of graduate work may be transferred from another institution.