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Appalachian State University Hayes School of Music
Boone, NC


The Hayes School of Music prepares young musicians for professional lives as performers, composers, music educators, music therapists, conductors, and music industry professionals, ensuring the next generation of musical leadership for the state, region, and nation. Noted for quality instruction by national and internationally recognized faculty musicians, the school offers seven undergraduate degree programs and three graduate level programs.

Brevard College
Brevard, NC


The mission of the Music Department is to foster in our students a passion for the lifelong pursuit of creative, intellectual, and musical development by instilling in them a commitment to artistic and personal excellence; exposing them to theoretical concepts within an historical context; and providing them opportunities to apply those concepts in a variety of settings. Our goals for every music student are to develop technical facility, musicality and professionalism in solo and ensemble performance; to develop the ability to read and realize music notation; to become familiar with a wide selection of musical literature; and to communicate effectively and appropriately about written or performed music.

Campbell University
Buies Creek, NC


The objective of the Department of Music is to equip men and women with exemplary vocational skills within the major so that they may serve God and society through the art and discipline of music.

Catawba College
Salisbury, NC


The world is changing rapidly. So is music. Spurred on by new modes of consumption — iTunes, YouTube, MySpace, and more — artificial boundaries among musical styles are quickly dissolving. Popular musicians are finally gaining recognition for their artistic achievements, a new generation of innovative educators is taking the place of retiring baby-boom music teachers, specialists in church music are blending old traditions with new elements to create a new world of sacred performance, and musical performers are finding new audiences with fresh approaches to time-honored repertoires.  At Catawba, we are right in step with these changes and take great pride in being In Tune with Today. We prepare our students to excel in the musically inclusive world of the 21st century by honoring the past, reveling in the now, and forging the future.  Judging from the attention we are starting to receive, we must be doing something right. For example, we are one of just forty-five colleges and universities listed as the Best Music Schools for 2012 by In Tune Monthly, who recognized for "its focus on music and business" and "its emphasis on contemporary music" and as "one of the fastest growing music programs in the country." Similarly, we are one of only forty schools listed in Music Connection's 7th Annual Guide to Music Education.

Chowan University
Murfreesboro, NC


Through its excellent curriculum, interaction with great professors, and many performance opportunities, Chowan's Department of Music can help you maximize your potential and attain your goals as a musician.

Davidson College
Davidson, NC


The mission of the Music Department is to teach students how to think, create, perform, and communicate, and to do so in a critical, expressive, and articulate manner. We offer a stylistically and culturally diverse curriculum. For major and non-major alike, this curriculum provides challenging encounters with the multifaceted perspectives inherent in the study of music.

Duke University
Durham, NC


Duke’s undergraduate music curriculum is designed to cultivate the wide-ranging interests and abilities of its students while providing them with a coherent approach to understanding the techniques and history of music. Its offerings encompass the many ways that we perform, create and comprehend music.  The music major is flexible and may be shaped to emphasize any of the various subspecialties of the field, including preparation for graduate work. The goal of the major is to develop a depth of analytical, historical, and aesthetic understanding, as well as enhance the specific aural and physical capacities necessary for good musicianship. These skills will provide the music graduate with a foundation for future learning in a variety of fields.

East Carolina University
Greensville, NC


The East Carolina University School of Music is one of the premier music schools in the Southeast with recognized and comprehensive music programs. Its predominantly online MM in Music Education degree recently was commended by the National Association of Schools of Music.

Elizabeth City State University
Elizabeth City, NC

Welcome to the ECSU Department of Music! As Chair, I am delighted to have this opportunity to address all prospective music majors, current students and visiting alumni regarding our music programs and activities. The Music Department is committed to serving the students, the University, and the Community by acting as one of the primary cultural resources for Northeastern North Carolina.

Elon University
Elon, NC


Welcome to the Department of Music at Elon University!  Here you’ll find an array of detailed material about the department, major and minor degree programs, ensembles, faculty and staff information, alumni profiles, and audition information.   Here at Elon, we balance a strong liberal arts environment with high standards for musicality and professional skills.  A nurturing, student-focused approach permeates every aspect of our teaching, while challenging each student to reach her or his highest potential.

Fayetteville State University
Fayetteville, NC


The Department of The Performing and Fine Arts seeks to foster in students an appreciation for and knowledge of the performing and fine arts that will guide them throughout their lives. Degree programs offered by the department are designed to prepare students for success as teachers, performers, and creative artists. The department offers programs of study leading to degrees in Art Education, Music, Music Education, Theatre, and Visual Arts. We also have a Minor in many of these areas as well as Dance.

Gardner-Webb University
Boiling Springs, NC


The mission of the School of Performing and Visual Arts is to provide the finest professional musical and visual art education to GWU students, and the finest performances and education to the community-at-large, while providing a well-rounded education that encompasses a liberal arts philosophy and Christian values while training students in the history, performance, exhibition, teaching, composition, business, creation and ministry of music and art. We also seek to stimulate interest in the arts, and strive to stimulate in our students an interest in serving the Greater Glory of God by serving others with art and music.

Gat3 Recording Program
Charlotte, NC


The Gat3 Recording Program provides its students with an in-depth curriculum in music production and engineering taught by Gat3 Productions' highly-acclaimed, Grammy and Dove award winning production team.


For decades, Gat3 Productions has produced and engineered myriad records for artists and bands of all genres and backgrounds, garnering us numerous Grammy and Dove Awards along the way. Utilizing only the best equipment and teaming up with some of the best, most unique and passionate musicians in the industry, we've been able to consistently create records of which we and our artists are extremely proud.


The cornerstone of our creative process is our team of professional producers and engineers who not only bring their expertise and experience to the table, but - most importantly - the core belief that creating music is a collaborative experience that must be shared and passed on.


It is with this belief that the Gat3 Recording Program has opened its doors, providing students with an in-depth curriculum in music production and engineering taught by Gat3 Productions' finest.


Our smaller class sizes give students more personalized attention, allowing for more individual learning time with our instructors and thus nurturing mentor-mentee relationships, giving students the confidence that comes with knowing that we take a vested interest in their future in the music industry.


Furthermore, classes are held not only in a classroom but often in professional, studio environments, allowing students to have hands-on experience with some of the best equipment, top-of-the-line microphones, and latest "gadgets" in the industry. Our unique, 3-day-per-week schedule also gives students the flexibility to work while enrolled in the program, and our low cost of tuition and payment plans make this program far more financially accessible than any other professional engineering programs.

Greensboro College
Greensboro, NC


The Department of Music is an accredited associate member of the National Association of Schools of Music. The Department of Music defines its mission in developing the musical knowledge, appreciation, talents, skills, and teaching abilities of its students within the dual traditions of the liberal arts and Judeo-Christian faith. While the primary foci are the musical skills development, musical understanding, performance development, teaching skills development, and music appreciation of its students, the Department of Music strongly supports the liberal arts curriculum necessary for students to function as educated, responsible citizens as well as to communicate effectively as musicians and teachers. At Greensboro College, students may pursue the Bachelor of Arts in Music, the Bachelor of Science in Music, the Bachelor of Music Education, or a Certificate of Church Music. The Department of Music has maintained a tradition of excellence and a reputation developing musical performance and teaching skills of its students throughout the long history of the College.

Guilford College
Greensboro, NC


The Department of Music engages students in a variety of artistic, creative, intellectual and cultural endeavors. Students benefit from a strong, interdisciplinary liberal arts base, small classes that stimulate active learning, group participation, and service to the greater community. Seminar-style settings take the place of formal lectures; repertory classes, ensemble performances, recitals, opera scenes, master classes and competitions prepare students for the application of their discipline.

High Point University
High Point, NC


The Department of Music at High Point University is one of the fastest growing programs on campus. Students studying music are challenged to not only refine their technical skills through lessons and ensemble participation, but to improve their musicianship through multiple solo and ensemble performances. All current and prospective students who have a background in music are encouraged to consider either a major or minor in music or double majoring in music and another subject area. Scholarship money is available to music majors, members of advanced vocal ensembles, and the HPU Pep Band. Although the number of music majors and minors is increasing every semester, you do not have to be a major or minor to participate in music ensembles or earn applicable scholarship money. The Department of Music at High Point University is open to all HPU students. Come share your talents with us!

Johnson C. Smith University
Charlotte, NC


Some people were born to shine under the spotlight. If you consider yourself to be a rising star, or if you want to help others tap into their talent through engineering, music production or teaching, our music program may be the right fit for you.  As a music major at JCSU, you’ll have the opportunity to fine-tune your creativity and develop the skills to express yourself through sound.

Lenoir-Rhyne University
Hickory, NC


Whether you are looking toward a career in music or simply want to perform with excellent music ensembles, Lenoir-Rhyne University can help you follow your musical dreams.  Lenoir-Rhyne students can prepare for careers as music educators, performers, church musicians or arts organizations managers, they can become involved in choirs, bands, and percussion ensembles and chamber ensembles.

Livingstone College
Salisbury, NC


The mission of the Division of Liberal Arts is to empower students to become global leaders in scholarship, research, performing arts, and service to humanity. The Division is committed to producing students who are critical thinkers in pursuit of truth, beauty, spirituality, social justice, human expression, creativity, integrity, and honesty. Students are prepared to be competitive candidates in graduate and professional schools to excel in their chosen careers, and to provide diverse community leadership skills based upon humanistic values.

Mars Hill College
Mars Hill, NC


The Department of Music provides an environment in which professional and non-professional musicians may continue to develop the skills, knowledge, concepts and sensitivities essential in recognizing and cultivating quality musical experiences.

Meredith College
Raleigh, NC


Becoming a musician is a challenge, perhaps the ultimate challenge. Are you ready?  If so, you should consider Meredith College, where the music faculty and your peers will challenge you to work harder, practice harder, play harder and perform better than ever before. At Meredith you will be given the instruction and the tools you need to exceed your expectations.  The women who study music at Meredith achieve in many areas because they work hard to develop their talent to its highest level...and the moment you begin that process, the level you expect from yourself rises. Like the horizon, your potential continues to move with every step you take.

Methodist University
Fayetteville, NC


The music department provides training in music, music education and performance. A Concentration in Arts Management is also offered in conjunction with the B.A. in Music. The objective is to produce graduates who are prepared to teach music, perform, conduct, further advance their study of music in graduate school, and/or promote the arts in the larger community.

Montreat College
Montreat, NC


The Montreat College Music Department offers a major in Music Business and a minor in Music. Ensemble opportunities include a college and chamber choirs. The department and the Friends of Music also sponsor a continuing schedule of music performances on the Montreat College campus. 

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Greensboro, NC


The NC A&T State University Music Program has been fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) since 1991. We offer three degree programs for students wishing to pursue a career in music.

Our low student-teacher ratio ensures individual attention, and our faculty have studied with some of the world's finest musicians at leading colleges and universities. We emphasize career development and can place our graduates in competitive graduate schools or assist them in professional careers.

North Carolina Central University
Durham, NC


The North Carolina Central University Department of Music emphasizes thorough musical preparation, professionalism and technological expertise. The program provides world-class performance, recording and research opportunities that prepare our graduates to become leaders in the arts.

North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC


The mission of Music@NCState is to provide educational and performance opportunities for student and community participants through a variety of musical experiences and academic courses. It is also our mission to serve as a cultural resource for the university and the greater community through performances and presentations offered by our students, our student/community groups, and by our faculty.

Pfeiffer University
Misenheimer, NC


The vision of Pfeiffer University encourages students to embrace the Christian values of human dignity, integrity, and service as they become servant leaders and lifelong learners.  Through music and the arts, we affirm the university’s mission to foster the development of the whole person in mind, body, and spirit.  The Music Department offers extensive opportunities to explore, perform, and create music. We offer a comprehensive ensemble program, excellent individualized instruction, and a comprehensive undergraduate music curriculum, with opportunities for music majors, double majors, and non-majors.

Piedmont International University
Winston-Salem, NC


We offer a balanced approach to music traditions with a look to future needs of musicians and those they will serve. With a music faculty that is highly qualified, personable and approachable students are mentored by having close contact with them. Music students are given instruction in small class sizes that enables great interaction between instructors and fellow students. Our facilities include two well equipped classrooms with computers and digital pianos. The Pope Chapel is the rehearsal hall for all ensembles. Four rooms are available for practice.

Queens University of Charlotte
Charlotte, NC


The Music Department provides a superior foundation for students who wish to become performers, teachers, therapists or music scholars. Students become more musically literate and explore what will become a lifelong appreciate for the art. Majors are offered in music and music therapy, with minors available in music, music theatre and music history.

Salem College
Winston-Salem, NC


The Salem School of Music focuses upon "educating the whole musician." The school offers a unique approach to music that combines entrepeneurship, technology and wellness to prepare graduates for further study, performance careers and/or community involvement in the arts.  Salem's personalized instruction means you leave the School of Music with a strong background in both theory and performance. Your portfolio will be a professional one that is unique to your own talents and career goals. Your advisors are mentors, coaches and outstanding teachers, giving you the tools you need for the world of music as well as an incredible network of contacts and support. 

Shaw University
Raleigh, NC


The mission of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts is to prepare, nurture, and develop individual musicianship and dramatic proficiency on a professional level of artistic accomplishment. To this end, the Department of Visual and Performing Arts will maintain a curriculum of study relevant to the student's long-term personal and professional goals.

University of North Carolina-Asheville
Asheville, NC


When UNC Asheville music majors enter the lower level of Lipinsky Hall, they are stepping into a place where the classical coexists with the contemporary.  They are following in the footsteps of alumni who have landed dream jobs in the music industry. And they are studying in cutting-edge classrooms at the only university where music pioneer Bob Moog ever taught. Moog is best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer.

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC


The Department of Music at UNC offers a variety of musically and academically stimulating courses both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Our students participate and perform in a variety of ensembles ranging from chamber ensembles, symphony orchestra, wind symphony and bands, to choirs, opera, jazz combos and jazz band, to guitar, percussion, salsa and gamelan ensembles.  Our graduate program "aims to produce well-rounded musicologists who will have the skills and knowledge to teach the discipline at the highest professional level and to produce original research of quality and significance." The faculty is similarly engaged in research in the fields of musicology and music theory, publishing books as well as articles in scholarly journals, and in music performance, through concert touring and published recordings with respected record labels.

University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Charlotte, NC


The UNC Charlotte Department of Music provides a comprehensive education that produces artists, scholars, and educators who embody musical excellence and professional integrity. The curriculum stresses faculty-mentored individual studies in music while also emphasizing the benefits offered by a major research university.

University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Greensboro, NC


UNCG has long been recognized as one of the top music institutions in the United States and has been fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music since 1938. The School of Music, Theatre and Dance offers the only comprehensive music program from undergraduate through doctoral study in performance and music education in the state. Over 600 music majors are taught by a music faculty of more than 60. Our outstanding resources and environment regularly lead the school in serving as host for many major organizations.

University of North Carolina-Pembroke
Pembroke, NC


The mission of the department of music is to offer all students who have demonstrated interest and ability in music the opportunity to continue further study either for a profession or an avocation, and to educate students in such a way that they understand and appreciate music not only as an art form with a rich historical and cultural heritage, but as an ongoing, contemporary endeavor that incorporates tradition and technological advancements through individual and group participation.

University of North Carolina-Wilmington
Wilmington, NC


You will study with a dedicated faculty of internationally recognized artists and teachers while enjoying small class sizes and extensive performance opportunities.  Individual attention is the hallmark of the Department of Music at UNCW. With a student-faculty ratio of about 9 to 1, the department is small enough to permit liberal faculty attention to each student. Close contact between students and faculty is maintained throughout the year in a variety of formal and informal venues.  As an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music, the Department of Music is committed to the highest standards of excellence in teaching and training students who will become the artists and teachers of the future. Overall, it would be difficult to find a more diversified and challenging curriculum than the music curriculum at UNCW.

University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Winston-Salem, NC


Our faculty are exceptionally talented artists and scholars with international reputations. These artist-teachers, along with our talented high school, college, graduate, and certificate students present more than 200 public performances each year in state-of-the-art facilities that include Watson Hall, Crawford Hall, Hood Recital Hall, and the Stevens Center. Our guest artist program regularly brings world-class musicians such as Frederica von Stade and the Emerson String Quartet to campus for an up-close and personal experience for our students.


The city of Winston-Salem is a thriving arts community and provides numerous “gig” opportunities for our more advanced students. We regularly partner with our sister schools in drama, design and production, filmmaking, and dance to create truly breathtaking productions that rival professional companies around the world.

Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC


Whether you are interested in majoring in music or want to pursue music as an avocation, the Department of Music at Wake Forest has something for you! We have outstanding ensembles, including orchestra, choirs, symphonic wind ensemble, concert band, Collegium Musicum, jazz ensemble, and chamber music. We offer individual instruction in voice, piano, and all orchestral and band instruments. The Department offers two majors, one in Music Performance, the other in Music in Liberal Arts. We have an outstanding faculty that includes internationally recognized performers and scholars. With our affiliated Secrest Artists Series, we offer the opportunity to hear world-class concerts. We have outstanding facilities and one of the finest concert halls in the area. We invite you to join us—to visit a class, sit in on a rehearsal, or attend a concert—and become an active participant in music at Wake Forest!

Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, NC


Welcome to the Western Carolina University School of Music, where music really does make a difference. Our faculty of performing artists is dedicated to developing the next generation of musicians, performers, and educators.  Whether you are a future undergraduate student seeking your first degree or a graduate student returning to further your education, the School of Music offers outstanding academic and professional programs to help you reach your career goals.

Wingate University
Wingate, NC


Wingate University’s Department of Music exists to provide music instruction of high quality to students enrolled in music degree programs. It offers performance opportunities in instrumental and vocal ensembles for all students as well as concerts, recitals and master classes for music students, the campus community and the public.

Winston-Salem University
Winston-Salem, NC


The mission of the music program is to offer courses of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Music and the Bachelor of Science in Music Education to diverse and motivated students.  The specialty courses in music develop the knowledge, musicianship, and skills needed to teach and direct music activities from early childhood through secondary school, and to pursue careers in, or related to, the music industry. The music unit program also offers instruction in music to students majoring in other disciplines as a part of the university's general core requirements. Many events, performances, and seminars are provided for the university community and the greater community of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County by faculty and students alike. Faculty members are well recognized professionally with diverse performance and educational training that encourages students to investigate and appreciate various forms of music expressions.