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License Original Music for TV: Part 1

Become a Production Music Writer & license or sell your original music to a production music library that will place it in TV shows, films, & commercials.

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License Original Music for TV: Part 2

Learn how Composers and musicians can earn up to six figures by writing and licensing original music to TV, film, and commercial production music libraries.

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Music Industry Revenue Today

Wondering how musicians are earning their income these days? We break down the sources and reveal how you might approach earning revenue.

How Much Do Songwriters Make?

How Much Do Songwriters Make?

How much do Songwriters make? Learn how Songwriters like Dan Wilson, Ester Dean & Mark Foster make money & how you can earn income from songwriting royalties.

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Starting a Record Label | How to Make Money with Music

Whether you're building a career as an independent artist, starting a record label, or coming up with the next big music industry idea, it's important to think like an entrepreneur if you want to succeed and make money with music.

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What Is the Music Modernization Act?

It's the Music Modernization Act explained! Learn about music copyrights, how the Music Modernization Act affects musicians & where to find the MMA online.