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Music Schools & Colleges in Indiana

Anderson University
Anderson, IN
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Since its beginning in 1917, music has played a significant role in the life of Anderson University. That tradition continues today. The School of Music at AU is thriving with vibrant students, accomplished faculty, high-caliber performances, challenging classes, and satisfying musical experiences.

Ball State University
Muncie, IN
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Long cited for innovative programs, new music activities, a wide and varied performance program, and national leadership in music education, the School of Music offers a wide range of performance opportunities for both undergraduate students and graduate students.

Bethel College
Mishawaka, IN
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The music curriculum at Bethel strives to bring each of its students to an understanding of the pedagogical, historical, and theoretical aspects of musical performance while striving for the highest levels of technical and artistic development in the teaching and performing of music. Furthermore, the Music Faculty believe that music is a gift from God, used to express all of the various human emotions, moods, values, and thoughts that He has given to us. All musical performance and study (whether it is classical, jazz, contemporary, or sacred) is approached in light of biblical perspectives that (1) describe the making of music as an act of worship and (2) demand excellence as the norm of stewardship.

Butler University
Indianapolis, IN
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Butler’s century-old music tradition and national reputation are based on the foundation of a large, dynamic school of music with strong ties to a thriving artistic community. We offer the serious music student professional training with a commitment to liberal arts education.

DePauw University
Greencastle, IN
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Students in the DePauw University School of Music know they will be heard. Our small class sizes, our caring faculty, and the absence of graduate students guarantee that you are heard from the very beginning of your career. Come see what it feels like to be heard.

Earlham College
Richmond, IN
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The Earlham College Music Department offers a wide range of courses in music within the context of the liberal arts tradition. Our music majors study both Western and non-Western musics and students from all disciplines participate in our many classes and performing ensembles.

Franklin College
Franklin, IN
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Franklin’s growing music program offers extraordinary opportunities for our students. You, too, can take advantage of these opportunities through performance, leadership, travel, and internships. Franklin College music students find that our liberal arts emphasis and the friendly campus atmosphere foster meaningful relationships with professors and fellow musicians across the entire campus—in the classroom as well as in rehearsals and performances. At Franklin College you can further develop your music skills, pursue diverse interests in other studies, and contribute to the vibrant cultural climate of our campus!

Goshen College
Goshen, IN
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The Goshen College music department cultivates excellence in musical performance, pedagogy and scholarship. We believe musical expression is a human manifestation of the divine creative impulse and, as such, serves as a window into the individual soul, a bridge between human beings and a means of shared religious experience.

Hanover College
Hanover, IN
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Whether you plan to major in music or pursue musical interests along with other studies, you’ll find Hanover’s active music program enriches the lives of everyone in the community. Majors and non-majors alike participate fully in private lessons, solo performances, and group performances. A Cappella Choir, Chamber Singers, the Concert Band, the Jazz Band and the College-Community Orchestra perform throughout the academic year, both on campus and, in some cases, on international tours. If you are a music major, you can choose between a choral or instrumental program and gain practical experience that launches your career or graduate studies.

Huntington University
Huntington, IN
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Studying music theory is like learning a second language. Just as any spoken/written language has its correct pronunciation, vocabulary, nuances, grammar, and idiomatic, dialectical, and colloquial structures, music has its symbols, rudiments, repertoire of sounds, relationships both vertical and horizontal and styles particular to any given historical period, culture and composer. To speak the language of music (perform, conduct, etc.) and to teach about it or create original works in it, one must understand its structure and elements, and internalize these in the musical ear as well as the eye and the body. Since theory, both written and aural is often the most difficult part of the musical curriculum, the Huntington Music Department provides each new incoming freshman with a self-programmed Music Theory Workbook that the student can complete in the summer months prior to entering college theory. This ensures that all students are properly prepared for music study at the college level. Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts majors take two full years of written theory and musicianship classes to prepare them for professional careers and/or graduate school. Bachelor of Science majors are required to take one full year of theoretical studies.

Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN
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Welcome to the School of Music at Indiana State University, a school with a long-standing tradition of excellence in the training of musicians for a variety of professional pursuits. Indiana State music graduates have distinguished themselves in a variety of ways. Many are outstanding teachers in public schools, colleges/universities, and private studios while others have achieved recognition in such specialized areas as music business and performance. The music faculty, a community of scholars, performers, and teachers, share an uncommonly strong commitment to their students in the school.

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music
Bloomington, IN
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As one of the most comprehensive and acclaimed institutions for the study of music, the IU Jacobs School of Music plays a key role in educating performers, scholars, and music educators who influence music performance and education around the globe.

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne, IN
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The Department of Music awards Indiana University degrees in music, as well as a minor in music. A resident faculty of distinguished musicians, scholars, and artists—including outstanding performers from the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, along with more than 20 associate faculty—provide the finest in musical instruction and guidance. Unique degree offerings, superb ensembles, and a spirit of excitement combine to provide an excellent environment for musical and professional growth. Private instruction in all instruments and voice is provided by artist faculty. Small classes foster a friendly environment with opportunities for considerable interaction between faculty and students throughout the curriculum. This personal attention is also true of academic and career advising.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN
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The Music and Arts Technology Program at IUPUI endeavors to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Indiana and beyond through distinctive leadership in research, education, and service. In so doing, we seek to:

  • Foster excellence and innovation in music technology and related contemporary performing arts.
  • Extend the scientific understanding of the relationship between music experience and optimal health.
  • Cultivate student knowledge, aesthetic sense, and appreciation of music and its role in society.
  • Engage local and global communities through music performance and education.
  • Nurture personal creativity through musical experience.

Indiana University Southeast
New Albany, IN
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Welcome to the Music Department at Indiana University Southeast. Our faculty of nationally recognized scholars and artists is strongly committed to fostering student learning and academic achievement. Classes are designed to enhance student-faculty relationships and facilitate the learning experience. The Music Department at IU Southeast offers one of the most musically intensive Bachelor of Arts degrees in the region while maintaining small class sizes and personal attention.

Indiana Wesleyan University
Marion, IN
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The Indiana Wesleyan University Division of Music seeks to develop students in an awareness of accountability to God and the importance of a personal commitment to Christ. It is the faculty’s strong desire that this commitment becomes apparent in the student’s attitude toward his or her music. We believe it is vital to recognize that all gifts and talents are given by God, to be cultivated to their highest potential for his glory and service.

Manchester College
North Manchester, IN
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At Manchester College, we believe that music makes an enormous contribution to the quality of human life. The study of music and of the fine arts is an integral part of a liberal arts education. At Manchester, all students are exposed to the fine arts. Manchester offers programs of study in music education, applied music, music theory/composition and general music. All programs emphasize excellence in performance and the importance of encouraging others to participate in and appreciate many types of music. The 26-hour music minor affords students the ability to combine music study with other majors.

St. Mary-of-the-Woods College
St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN
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Students who choose to become music majors at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College choose to do so for one reason: they are musicians. They choose not only for the college years but for a lifetime to live and breathe music.

St. Mary’s College
Notre Dame, IN
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Greetings from the Music Department at Saint Mary’s College. We invite you to join us in the remarkable journey we take every year. In many ways, our department works as a family–you will be nurtured and challenged in your development by the talented music faculty and your fellow students, and energized by constant music-making in the halls. We believe that, like life, music is a collaborative experience. Come join us as together, we seek meaning and beauty in this perfect art, Music.

Taylor University
Upland, IN
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The Music Department offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Music degrees. The courses offered in these programs provide the student with an opportunity to specialize in an area of his/her personal interest. In support of the Taylor University mission, the Music Department exists to educate students on the value and integrity of music as an expressive art form, thereby fostering lifelong learning and appreciation of music and an understanding of the ways in which music may minister to a world in need.

University of Evansville
Evansville, IN
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The University of Evansville’s Department of Music is a community of students and artist-teachers working together to achieve artistic excellence and professional results. Our comprehensive curriculum combines the benefits of a conservatory-like atmosphere with the traditions of a liberal arts education. With an emphasis on active learning, our programs give students extensive experience in the chosen field of study. Faculty mentors nurture each student’s creativity, develop their talents, and guide them to professional success.

University of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN
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Welcome to the University of Indianapolis Music Department. You will discover an excitement about music here – an atmosphere of dynamic collaboration between faculty and students. The department engages an accomplished faculty widely recognized for their commitment and dedication to undergraduate teaching, and we continue to enjoy the benefits of a university-wide student/faculty ratio of 12 to 1.

University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN
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Welcome to the Department of Music and congratulations on the wisdom of your decision to study with us, which, to appropriate the words of Berthold Auerbach, is to study what “washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” In adding shine and luster, music adds immeasurably to the quality of life. To those hesitating at the doorway, I invite you inside. Introduce yourself, and let us convince you to wash off some of that dust accumulating on your soul. We can help you find and develop your musical self, whether it leans toward an instrument or to the study of the great composers, those giants on whose shoulders we stand collectively.

Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, IN
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Valparaiso University’s intellectual rigor and musically challenging curriculum have come together for more than a century, preparing musicians to become the nation’s top performers, teachers and scholars. Study within our Center for the Arts offers an array of core music classes, outstanding studio instruction, exceptional performance opportunities, and most importantly, a faculty focused on nurturing the gifts of the college undergraduate. Valpo invites students from all academic majors to take part in a wide range of music classes, ensembles, and lessons.

Wabash College
Crawfordsville, IN
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The Wabash music department emphasizes three broad aspects of music: theory, history, and performance. Courses in all three areas serve students from a variety of backgrounds. Students choose music courses to satisfy distribution requirements, to enrich their ensemble experience or to pursue a music major or minor in the context of a liberal arts education.