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Music Schools & Colleges in Nevada

College of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas, NV
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Welcome to the Music Homepage of the College of Southern Nevada! Our unique faculty members are active in all aspects of the music business on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip and are equally qualified and sought after performers in other genres of music. You can find CSN Music Faculty performing in shows up and down the Strip – Broadway shows to stars and production shows, performing in chamber and orchestral settings as well as in solo performances all over the world. At CSN, we stand ready to provide you with a practical, real life education in the field of music.

University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
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As an innovative educational leader in the United States and the primary catalyst for musical culture in Southern Nevada, UNLV’s Department of Music provides a professional artistic environment that supports programs of excellence in the education of musicians.

University of Nevada-Reno
Reno, NV
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Music programs within the Department are dedicated to the professional training of students in music education, applied performance, and music history. The Department’s dedication to student and faculty participation in ensemble performance reflects the belief that interactive rehearsals and live performances teach music students the technology and social dynamics of being a musician. It is in ensemble playing where musical ideas are animated individually, instrument by instrument, but shared as a collaborative experience with fellow musicians and with the listening audience.