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Write, Record & Sell Television Music

Write, Record & Sell TV Music

Customer Reviews

“This book is a God send. It is not a get rich quick scheme. He gives you the key. You have to figure out which door it unlocks. Getting a record deal is now secondary in my life.”


“Write, Record & Sell Production Music is the “go-to” resource for understanding the Production Music business. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to understand this market. It’s well worth the price just for the included contact list alone. The best part is that Richard is a successful Production Music composer in his own right. Not only does the book define the nuts and bolts of the Production Music business, it also presents you with a “best practices” approach on how to execute based on Richard’s actual experiences. He takes you through the business, revenue streams, standard contract terms, as well as production, composition and submission tips. Believe me, I’ve searched all over the web, there is nothing this comprehensive anywhere else on this subject. I highly recommend the book. It will save you time, get you focused and give you a real process for success.”

David Henderson

“This book so far has been worth every penny and possibly more. I have yet to submit a song for review because I’m reading the PDF file, trying to work hard at improving my music with that helpful guide.

There is a plethora of information and knowledge is power, so anyone wondering if it’s worth it, well it is if the music is something you have a talent for!”

Adam Galloway | Odyssey Aquatic

“I am a professional composer/orchestrator/arranger and I want to let you know how much of a revelation your coursebook was on Production Music. I have always been interested in how the music you hear on TV, Radio, Film Trailers, Games, etc. was acquired. Most of my career has been spent with live stage music for the Musical Theatre, Stage Shows, and some Classical/Symphonic work.

Your course explained, essentially, everything needed to get into the field. From the overview of Production Music itself, how libraries work and the various types, the kinds of deals available, the forms of payment and royalties, how to submit to libraries, and even the appropriate mentality or outlook, I feel the book is thorough and comprehensive. I particularly appreciated the segment explaining the parameters of how the music should be structured, what the libraries and music supervisors are looking for.

Of course, possibly the biggest value is the list of Production Music libraries. Honestly, this was what really convinced me to invest in the book. It would take a great deal of effort to compile this list without any real knowledge of the field. I actually visited every single site on the list (a few each night). I feel I came away from that experience with a very real sense of what the libraries carry and which ones might be right for me. In addition, you have links to information about music supervisors and other industry resources.

I can honestly say that your coursebook is more than just a great introduction to Production Music. In fact, it is a step-by-step guide that shows you all you need to know to enter the field. I downloaded the book knowing virtually nothing and finished with a real sense of understanding what production music is and how to go about the attempt to enter the field. Well worth the investment.”

– Jimmy Lockett | JOL Productions

“Write, Record & Sell Production Music is your number one source for all the information that is needed to get you, the composer, started in a new musical endeavor called Production Music. As a musician and composer himself, Richard addresses the concern that many composers have when considering the selling of their own music. The book takes you thru the basic elements of the industry but always keeps you, the reader, in mind by explaining what you might come across and have to consider in each situation. Never forgetting the artists that we all are, the book also talks about the business side of production music and shows how you can make a living from writing, recording and selling your music. Have fun and good luck.”

– Parry Shields

The book is great, but the author is greater. I have been making production music and experimenting with intertwining genres since I was in high school. Over the years, it started out OK, progressed to good, etc. Now I have taken some of my greatest tracks and have begun to get rid of the “straight line” feel that they had, adding depth and quality so I can be right up there with the pros. I’m still fairly new to the technical side of things, but I got my start here, where I learned that great music is more than just an awesome tune. Now my years of piled up tracks can begin to mean something as I return to perfect them.

Richard has taken the time to email me personally, listen to my music, and give me an honest review of what I’ve got and what I need to get. Who else can you say has done that? Seriously, he should consider starting a school one day. It seems like he is well on the way to being able to, and students would love his style.
Thanks again for everything Richard.

– Nate Combs

“Over the years I have been trying (without much success) to break into the music industry in a variety of ways. Then one day a friend of mine suggested I try music libraries. I found Richard’s website and since then I’ve been amazed at the possibilities. After only two submissions, I received two offers!

Richard’s list of music libraries is easily worth the price of his program. But along with the contacts list, his explanations of various publishing deals, etc. are extremely helpful. Richard also provided me with expert, personal advice with questions I have had. Not only is he a wealth of information, he is a really sincere and nice guy.

It is without reservation that I would HIGHLY recommend “Write, Record & Sell Television Music” by Richard Pryde Hughes.”

– John Melaney

“In the lighting fast world of today, information is everywhere and you are not always sure what is good info. Write, Record & Sell Television Music is some of the best guidance you can get when going into the production music Business. Like with anything the more research you do the better you will do, but it can be hard to know where to look. Who to contact? With Write, Record & Sell Television Music you have over 160 different Production music companies at your fingertips. That will really help you narrow down the company that best suit you and the right stuff to be prepared for.

So don’t wait if you want to start making money on your recorded music. Find out how it’s done!”

– Joel Nesbit | Cooked Music

“I found this book very useful. Especially the contact list which is lengthy and detailed with key names and contact numbers. Well worth the price.”

– Jeff Woodall | Real Music

Get Your Music in TV, Films, and Commercials!

Earn great money licensing your original music for use in TV Shows, Commercials, Film, and more.

  • Learn what television Production Music is.
  • Get need-to-know insights on how to write and record Production Music.
  • Includes a current list of companies to send your music to.
  • The contacts list is worth the price alone!
  • Understand how Music Publishing works in this business.
  • Learn about common Production Music Contracts.
  • Start making money in this business.
$39 | Buy Now (PDF)

Ok, here it is… your chance to finally start making good money while doing what you love! This course offers you the unique ability to follow your passion while creating a stream of income from your unique style of music. Other people are doing it, now it’s your turn!

Write music from your home studio, sell it, and receive checks for years to come. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is true, and it’s exactly how this business works. It’s time for you to become a professional artist and get paid for your work.

Gear, gear and more gear. You know all that gear you buy? Well, now that you’re making money from your music, these major expenses are part of your business. You can begin feeling good about getting the gear that helps you get that certain sound you’re after. It’s now an investment that you make money from!

You’ll get a current and active list of people to send your music to.

Once your music is ready to go, you’ll need to know where and who to send it to. Well, we already did the legwork for you! This course provides an updated contacts list of production music libraries, film industries and major players in the business. All legit people doing real business right now as you read this. This list by itself is well worth the cost of this course.

This course saves you lot’s of time by laying out all the major details of the business in one shot. From the moment you sit down to write your music, to sending it off to be considered by a library or music supervisor. All bases are covered.

Learn how music publishing works in the Production Music business.

Get paid for your tracks for years to come. How does that sound? In the Production Music business, it’s common that tracks are used in large scale productions like TV shows, commercials, and movies. Every time it airs, it’s possible to earn money from it. And… if you continue to writing great tracks, you can make some very serious dough!

We explain how these earning are made and how much you can expect to make from your music over time. Music publishing is a huge part of many successful musicians income and you’ll discover how this can work for you. Picture the day that your first royalty check arrives… how does that feel?

Learn about common production music contracts.

You may be a very talented musician and it’s nice to be able to tell people that you write music for television, commercials and so on, but you’re going to have to understand how the contracts work before you leap into this business. This course gives you an overview of the types of terms you’ll commonly see in a Production Music contract.

You’ll learn the types of earning splits common to the industry. You’ll also learn about monies that can be collected when your contract starts if you know to ask for them. You’ll have an idea of what kind of money to ask for and we’ll even explain how to be sure you don’t have to pay it back from future earnings. You’ll be asking for “production costs” not an “advance” that needs to be paid back. This is important stuff and no other course goes into such detail about it. Most “music business” books cover the entire music industry in broad strokes. This is the ONLY course that is focused on one very profitable and alive industry, the Production Music industry. Get this course now and get started while the time is still good! Each day that passes, more and more people discover this business.

It’s definitely something special to hear your music on TV, commercials, and films… and nothing feels better than getting paid handsomely for it, but it won’t happen unless you take massive action and grab control of your musical career. Seize this opportunity and begin your new path right now – it will feel great!

Start making money now!

As we mentioned, many production music libraries will pay “production costs” as soon as you sign your contract. That means you could have money in your pocket right away!

Music publishing is the lifeblood of this industry and you’ll start earning it after your music is used publically. Although these earnings can take a while to come in, once they start they can pay for years and years, even decades in some cases. Many performance rights organizations (PRO’s) pay every quarter. You can even set up direct deposit so your money is dropped right into your account. Sound good? We thought so.

Get the course!

If you’re truly interested in making money from your music, then it’s time to step up and take control of your music career right now. Empower yourself and be the exception. Let’s face it, most musicians don’t make much or any money from their music. They often struggle and become defeated over time, but this does not have you. This is your opportunity to take action and be that musician that does very well and is able to continue pursuing your passion.

This course explains everything needed to get started and be successful in the Production Music business. Get this course now and you can quite literally be selling your music tomorrow.

To make a living in the Production Music business, you MUST know the rules of the game. This course lays it all out crystal clear and provides the contacts to get you in the door. Everything you need to know is included.

This is the ONLY course of its kind. You found it. Now grab it and get started!