Alternate Career Titles:

Artist Relations, Development Staffer

Career Overview: Serve as coordinator and liaison between the record label, artist management, the media and signed Artists in order to increase exposure.

Career Salary Range: $25,000 to $65,000+

Become an Artist Relations and Development Representative

Career Description

The Artist Relations and Development Representative is not a position that is available within every record company (contact record companies here), as some labels are too small to need one. If a label does employ this position, the Artist Relations and Development Representative’s responsibility is to act as a liaison between the company and its Artists, making sure they are happy with the treatment they are receiving from the label. This includes making the Artists feel good about their works and accomplishments by sending them gifts when their records earn Gold or Platinum status. Quite simply the Artist Relations and Development Representative does whatever is needed to strengthen the relationship between the Artist and their label, both personally and professionally.

The Artist Relations and Development Representative also works with artist management to help cultivate and fortify the Artists’ careers. They also work on various tasks with numerous departments within the record company, including planning concert tours in conjunction with album releases. Publicity is also part of the responsibility of the Artist Relations and Development Representative. They might be asked to work with PR firms to coordinate appearances and interviews. To some extent the Artist Relations and Development Representative attends live performances and provides reviews and critiques on performance and stage presence.

It is not unusual for the Artist Relations and Development Representative to become close with an act and its management team, remaining friends long after the recording contract has expired. Like most other positions in the industry, long irregular hours are normal and to achieve success an individual must love both music and people.

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Artist Relations and Development Representative salaries may vary depending on the size of the record label and the level of experience and responsibilities. Salaries generally range from $25,000 to $65,000 plus per year.


Not all labels employ Artist Relations and Development Representatives, making opportunities potentially difficult to find. If no openings can be found, an aspiring Artist Relations and Development Representative may consider working in Public Relations, gaining valuable relevant experience until their desired position becomes available.


Within any record company, advancement isn’t confined to a specific career path. Once an individual establishes themself within a record company, opportunities appear both internally and externally.

Education and Training

Due to competition, having a college degree (top music colleges listed here) is preferred when seeking a position as an Artist Relations and Development Representative. Helpful degrees include marketing, public relations, music merchandising, music business, and communications. Less formal seminars and workshops are also useful and can help build connections.

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Experience, Skills, and Personality

The Artist Relations and Development Representative must have promotions, public relations, or artist management experience. To be successful he or she must also be knowledgeable about the music business in general. They must also attend shows and concerts to develop an understanding of what makes an Artist successful and how they carry themselves on stage. The Artist Relations and Development Representative must also be skilled at, and enjoy dealing with people.

Unions and Associations

The Country Music Association (CMA) and the Gospel Music Association (GMA) are two associations that the Artist Relations and Development Representative might belong to. He or she might also be an associate member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).

Suggestions for Getting Started

  • Develop connections and contacts by attending as many seminars and programs you can.
  • You may have to accept an entry level position just to get your foot in the door.
  • Always keep an eye out for a music internship opportunity, and request to be placed in this department in order to better your chances within the company.
  • It’s a good idea to check into minority training programs sponsored by the label itself.
  • Spend time on the internet searching for possible job matches to this and other related music business jobs.