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Instrument Work & Development Careers

Careers in Instrument Building, Creation, & Development

Musical Instrument Builder/Developer

Musical Instrument Builder/Designer

Alternate Titles: Instrument Craftsman, Custom Instrument Builder, Instrument Builder/Designer, Instrument Maker, Luthier

Job Description: Designs and builds instruments, either to be sold at their own shop or for a large instrument manufacturer.

Salary: $15,000 to $65,000+

Become a Musical Instrument Builder/Designer

Instrument Repair and Restoration Specialist

Instrument Repair and Restoration Specialist

Alternate Titles: Instrument Repair Expert, Instrument Repair Technician

Job Description: Repairs and restores broken or neglected musical instruments.

Salary: $9 to $55+ an hour

Become an Instrument Repair and Restoration Specialist

Piano Tuner-Technician

Piano Tuner-Technician

Job Description: Piano Technicians tune and repair pianos..

Salary: $19,540 to $59,430

Become a Piano Tuner-Technician

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