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Recording Careers

Careers in Music Recording, Producing, Engineering, and More.

Record Producer

Record Producer

Alternate Titles: Producer, Music Producer

Job Description: Record Producers guide the production of a record by coaching the musicians, advising in preproduction sessions, and directing the in-studio recording and production process.

Salary: $25,000 to $1,000,000+

Become a Record Producer

Recording Engineer

Alternate Titles: Audio Engineer

Job Description: A Recording Engineer operates and sets up the recording equipment used to capture and shape the sound of an album.

Salary: $25,000-$150,000

Become a Recording Engineer

Assistant Engineer

Assistant Engineer

Alternate Titles: Recording Assistant, Mixing Assistant

Job Description: Assists recording professionals in the studio by positioning microphones, prepping mixes, carrying amps, and more.

Salary: $18,000 to $25,000+

Become an Assistant Engineer

Recording Studio Manager

Recording Studio Manager

Alternate Titles: General Manager, Studio Manager

Job Description: Recording Studio Managers ensure the studio runs efficiently by overseeing building maintenance and studio prep ahead of sessions. They also book studio time for artists.

Salary: $30,000 to $76,000

Become a Recording Studio Manager

Mastering Engineer

Mastering Engineer

Alternate Titles: Audio Mastering Engineer

Job Description: Mastering Engineers ensure the sound quality of recorded music is consistent and well-mixed, creating the final, approved mix for albums before they’re sent out to be replicated and released to the public.

Salary: $25,000 to $150,000+

Become a Mastering Engineer

Engineer Working At Mixing Desk In Recording Studio

Mix Engineer

Alternate Titles: Mixing Engineer, Music Mixer, Mixer

Job Description: Mix Engineers mix the various sound elements of a track to balance the volume and improve audio quality.

Salary: $35,000 to $75,000

Become a Mix Engineer

Production Music Writer

Production Music Writer (TV Music)

Alternate Titles: TV Music Writer, Commercial Music Writer, Film Music Composer, Music Producer, Jingle Writer

Job Description: Writes music that is usually licensed or sold to a Production Music Library. This music is then placed into TV shows, commercials, and films. The music composer generally splits their earnings with the Production Music Library that owns the rights to the music.

Salary: $6,000 to $240,000

Become a Production Music Writer (TV Music)

Music Arranger


Alternate Titles: Market Adapter, Transcriber

Job Description: Writes instrumentation and arrangements of musical notes for studio recordings and live performances.

Salary: $20,000 to $43,000+

Become an Arranger



Job Description: Orchestrators transpose music and write scores based off a Composer’s initial draft or sketch.

Salary: $25 to $110 a page

Become an Orchestrator

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