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District Supervisor of Music

Alternate Career Titles:

Music Administrator

Career Overview: Coordinates curriculum and activities of musical teaching staff.

Career Salary Range: $25,000 to $56,000+

Music Supervisor

Become a District Supervisor of Music

Career Description

The school District Supervisor of Music is responsible for coordinating teaching activities for personnel who instruct students in vocal and instrumental music. While the District Supervisor of Music does not teach on a day to day basis, there are some instances where he or she teaches a few days a week and administers a program the remaining days of the week.

Another duty of a District Supervisor of Music is to plan and develop the music education curriculum for the school district. This is done by meeting and consulting with admin staff and instructors to get input on which programs work and which should be eliminated. The Supervisor will also visit classrooms to observe other Music Teachers and to evaluate them. From there, if the Supervisor has comments on their teaching style, he or she might set up a meeting to follow up afterward. It is during this meeting that the Supervisor goes over the evaluation and recommends possible changes in teaching methods.

As a whole, the Supervisor will analyze and evaluate the music education program in individual schools within the district. This evaluation is both on the methods of instruction and the materials that are used while teaching. Especially with many schools facing budget cuts, the Supervisor will probably have to determine which programs are to continue and which should be cut.

The District Supervisor of Music might also order instructional materials, books, supplies, equipment, and/or visual aids that are required by the music department. In addition, the District Supervisor of Music might help establish and set up interschool bands, choruses, or orchestras – these groups represent schools at civic and community events.

In terms of working hours, the District Supervisor of Music usually works regular school hours. He or she is responsible to the Principal, Superintendent, and the Commissioner of Education.

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District Supervisors of Music earn different amounts depending on the school district location and the duties required. A good barometer for Supervisor salary is that oftentimes, salaries parallel those of Teachers in the area. So, the salary range for a District Supervisor of Music runs from $25,000 to $56,000 or more per year.


District Supervisors of Music need to be licensed in the state in which they work. Employment prospects remain fair.


From the position of District Supervisor of Music, one can be promoted to State Supervisor of Music. Also, if one has an education in supervision and administration, he or she might go on to positions as Assistant Principal or Principal.

Education and Training

District Supervisors of Music must have bachelors’ degrees with a major in music education. Also, it is required that they complete a semester of student teaching in order to become a Music Teacher. Additionally, District Supervisors of Music are required to take additional courses in supervision and administration and/or attain a master’s degree – depending on the regulations of the state.

Experience, Skills, and Personality

It should go without saying, but District Supervisors of Music must like music and care deeply about education. In terms of experience, they should have held positions as Music Teachers prior to applying for a job as a District Supervisor of Music. This individual must know how to teach and be able to evaluate others while maintaining the ability to lead others and administer programs.

Unions and Associations

District Supervisors of Music may belong to the National Federation of Teachers (NFT). Individuals may also belong to the National Council of State Supervisors of Music (NCSSM).

Suggestions for Getting Started

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