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Music Education Careers

Careers in Music Teaching, Education and Higher Learning

Music Teacher (revised)

Music Teacher

Alternate Titles: Music Instructor

Job Description: Music Teachers instruct elementary, junior high, or high school students in performance and music theory. They also lead various performance ensembles at the school, such as the marching band, choir, or orchestra.

Salary: $30,000-$71,200

Become a Music Teacher

Teacher explaining something to students

College, Conservatory, or University Music Teacher

Alternate Titles: Music Teacher, Lecturer, Instructor, Professor, Adjunct Professor, Assistant Professor

Job Description: Educates students in music theory, history, composition, performance or music business studies at an institute of higher education.

Salary: $32,530 to $122,360

Become a College, Conservatory, or University Music Teacher

Band Director

Band Director

Alternate Titles: Director of Athletic Bands, Associate Band Director

Job Description: Band Directors oversee rehearsals and performances for a school’s athletic bands, including marching bands and pep bands. They also handle behind-the-scenes duties such as recruiting and budget planning.

Salary: $34,110 to $67,910

Become a Band Director



Alternate Titles: Professor of Musicology

Job Description: Musicologists study music in a historical, critical, or scientific context. The majority of Musicologists are employed by institutes of higher education, where they conduct research, publish papers, and teach college-level classes.

Salary: $32,530 to $122,360

Become a Musicologist

Private Instrument Teacher

Private Instrument Teacher

Alternate Titles: Studio Teacher, Guitar Teacher, Piano Teacher, Vocal Teacher, Instrument Teacher

Job Description: Music Teachers provide instruction in music performance and theory. They can teach one-on-one or in a group setting. Some Teachers specialize in only one instrument, while others instruct pupils in a range of different instruments.

Salary: $30 to $120/hour

Become a Private Instrument Teacher

Music Supervisor

District Supervisor of Music

Alternate Titles: Music Administrator, Music Supervisor

Job Description: Works with Teachers in a school district to coordinate music education curriculum and activities and ensure learning goals are being met.

Salary: $25,000 to $56,000+

Become a District Supervisor of Music

music librarian

Music Librarian

Alternate Titles: Librarian

Job Description: Music Librarians answer reference questions, interact with the public, process donations, and help catalogue and sometime digitize collections.

Salary: $40,000+

Become a Music Librarian

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