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Website Marketing Manager

Date: November 6, 2014
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Career Overview

Establishes a presence on the internet, markets and promotes the label and its artists, maintains and develops web campaigns, creates partnerships on the web and maintains publicity and press.

Alternate Titles

Internet Marketing Director, Website Marketer, Internet Advertising Representative, Digital Marketing Manager

Avg. Salary


Salary Range

$52K – $108K1

Career Description

To stand out from among the many record label websites currently on the web, the Website Marketing Manager must find a way to successfully market their site, label, and artists to current and potential fans.

While it was once commonplace for labels to employ their Marketing Director and a couple of Assistants to handle all marketing tasks, including the website, more labels are now hiring Website Marketing Managers. There is a lot weighing on this individual’s shoulders, as they are responsible for the success or failure of the site.

If a record label is not fully utilizing a website, then they are not taking advantage of the internet as a marketing tool, and they are most likely losing customers and possibly millions of products sold – that’s just how powerful a website can be. Aside from selling artist-related products online, additional income can be earned by selling advertising space on the site to complimentary companies looking to reach a specific target market.

Plus, even though getting songs on the radio is still a very big way to push a new album or artist, more and more people are turning to online radio stations, giving them the ability to specifically hone in on their music of choice. Others also turn to the web to watch music videos online. A properly run website for any record label should promote their artists by posting their videos on social media and on the site.

The Website Marketing Manager develops these concepts and campaigns, outlining how the site will be marketed. They need to determine the most effective marketing techniques in order to really get people to visit the site and navigate its contents.

To do this, he or she works closely with the label’s Marketing Director to plan and coordinate the site’s marketing objectives – things like figuring out how to let people know the site is online, along with the address they should go to. To get the site name out there, the Marketing Manager must get the website name in front of as many people as possible, through TV commercials, print ads, billboards, albums, clothing, etc.

Another way the Website Marketing Manager can increase site exposure is by placing banner ads on complimentary sites that attract the same demographic the record label is seeking. This way, even though the site visitor is not on the label’s specific site, they may see an enticing ad that encourages them to click the banner and jump to the record label’s site.

Another way to obtain site visitors is for the Website Marketing Manager to partner with record stores or radio stations to develop new ways to attract visitors to the site.

It’s also common for the Website Marketing Manager to work with the Promotion Department to develop sweepstakes or online contests to build up buzz around the site. People will then have an incentive to go to the label’s site. It goes without saying that the more people who visit the website, the more exposure for the label’s artists, leading to more sales.

Once people log on to a label’s website to enter contests, the idea is they will become familiar with the site and begin to browse, read up on an artist or buy CDs and gear.

The Website Marketing Manager must also work with the Marketing Director or Concert Hall Marketing Director, or Music Web Designer to figure out who the site will be geared to, and what are they trying to accomplish with the site. They also must be cognizant of the fact that site visitors can access online sites from virtually anywhere in the world. Also, many record labels set up mini-sites within the main site for each of their artists, and of course, the Website Marketing Manager would be responsible for these sites as well.

An added benefit of setting up online contests is the capture of fans’ information like address, email addresses, etc., allowing the label to build a database full of information that can be used for future mailings and email newsletters.

The Website Marketing Manager definitely needs to do research in order to uncover how people are finding the site, what they are doing on the site, etc. This can be done by implementing surveys and questionnaires where fans can submit their input or through online tracking systems.

The Website Marketing Manager usually works with the label’s main Marketing, Advertising, Promotion Staffer, Public Relations, Website Content Producers, Social Media Managers, or Promotion Managers to make sure the site becomes a success.

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On average, Website Marketing Managers earn approximately $75,800 annually. The salary range for Website Marketing Managers runs from $52,000 to $108,000.

Geographic location, prestige, and size of the label can all greatly affect just how much you can make in this position. The same goes for experience and the actual responsibilities this individual must handle.

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Career Path

It is definitely considered an advancement if an individual gains experience and is then able to move on to a similar position with a more prestigious label. Others may move on to different positions within their label like that of a Marketing Director, and some may even leave the label to start their own marketing firm.

Nearly all record labels, both large and small, need Website Marketing Managers so employment prospects are good. Not to mention the fact that once the websites are built, they need to be maintained, updated, etc.

  • Be sure to always check the internet and newspapers for possible openings.
  • Send out your résumé and a cover letter to record labels at which you are interested in working and request that it stay on file.
  • Enroll in seminars and courses that offer information in marketing, promotions, public relations, web marketing, and publicity.

Experience & Skills

It goes without saying that the Website Marketing Manager must be tech-savvy in order to be successful. Other essential skills include verbal and written communication and one should be creative, articulate, innovative, and constantly motivated. They must also be able to juggle many details and projects at one time without letting the stress of the job get to them.

Education & Training

Usually, larger, more prestigious labels require their Website Marketing Managers to possess a college or music school degree (see our list of top music schools here).

This is also because competition for this position can be pretty high, and a college or music college degree helps the applicant stand out. Good options for college majors include advertising, business, public relations, journalism, liberal arts, and communication. Very small independent labels may not require a four-year college or music school degree, but this is rare.

Outside of the formal classroom, courses and seminars involving marketing, public relations, promotion, and the general music industry provide great value.

Additional Resources

Trade associations like the American Marketing Association (AMA), the Insights Association, and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) provide useful membership opportunities. He or she can also belong to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) or genre-specific associations like the Country Music Association (CMA) or the Gospel Music Association (GMA).

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