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Alternate Career Titles:

Website Content Manager, Website Content Editor

Career Overview: Writes and maintains content on website, retains a following through various methods, gathers fan base.

Career Salary Range: $28,000 to $75,000+

Recording Artist Website Content Producer

Become a Recording Artist Website Content Producer

Career Description

In order to keep fans informed and interested about artists and their websites, most artists, their management companies, or labels retain Website Content Producers, who are responsible for creating and maintaining site content. To begin the process, these individuals are expected to develop and carry out a strategic online content plan. These plans must be fresh and innovative in order to keep fans returning to the site. This is important because websites give artists a presence on the web, allowing fans to find general information, along with timely news, concert dates, and new album offerings. These sites also give artists a simple way to sell or promote their albums and other merchandise including t-shirts and more.

As mentioned, Website Content Producers are responsible for maintaining the content of the site, ensuring content is informative, user-friendly, and exciting. To accomplish this, individuals need to research and write engaging stories and articles on a variety of subjects. Content might be about the artist, the music industry in general, or other subjects.

Aside from an exciting homepage that contains breaking news and timely information, other pages on the site might include biographies, artist profiles, feature stories, interviews, tour news, discographies, song lyrics, forums, photos, videos and more. Also, the Website Content Producer may develop blogs, webcasts, chats, podcasts and more in order to keep the site relevant and exciting. These outlets help to get fans involved and connected to the act. The Website Content Producer must also find ways to develop mailing lists of fans by utilizing “contact us” forms, surveys, sweepstakes, or fan clubs. These lists are used to get news out quickly, and to inform fans about concert dates and new album availability.

Some sites are extremely large and developed, sometimes requiring more than one Content Producer. In such a situation, one may work as a Senior or Executive Website Content Producer who oversees the entire site and the other employees may develop and monitor blogs and so on.

Sometimes Website Content Producers are responsible for overseeing staff Copywriters, Photographers, and Graphic Artists. The Content Producer might also need to find a freelancer to produce stories and is responsible for getting all stories and editing them when necessary. Occasionally they may work with Web Developers or Designers to implement new website features.

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Due to the number of different working scenarios, salaries for Website Content Producers can range anywhere from $25,000 to $75,000 or more annually. These varying factors include the experience, responsibilities, and professional reputation of the individual, along with the popularity and career level of the specific Recording Artist for whom the site is being created.


Employment prospects are fair for Website Content Producers, as they may work for well-known, established recording acts or up-and-coming artists. So, depending on the situation, individuals may be employed directly by the Recording Artist or Band, the management company, or even the artist’s record label.


Website Content Producers handling sites for lesser-known acts can obviously look to advance their career by working for more prestigious acts. Also, some individuals move into similar positions at larger record labels. Others may even move into corporate level public relations jobs at a larger record label.

Education and Training

Most positions require or prefer individuals to hold at least a four-year college or music college degree, but this requirement varies. Useful majors include journalism, communications, English, public relations, marketing, music business management, or liberal arts. Also, courses, workshops, and seminars in public relations, writing, promotion, journalism, the music industry, and web journalism are helpful in building skills and establishing new contacts.

Experience, Skills, and Personality

Experience requirements vary. Up-and-coming acts may only require that an individual be able to demonstrate competent content creation, but successful, popular Recording Artists will prefer candidates with a proven track record and a certain amount of experience with developing, creating, editing, and managing web content. Regardless of the requirements, writing and editing experience will be useful, and individuals need to be innovative, creative and organized. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are helpful, and the ability to multitask effectively is a must. Also, a complete understanding of the music industry is necessary, and individuals must also be internet savvy. Knowing HTML is almost an unspoken requirement for candidates.

Unions and Associations

Website Content Producers might belong to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), or other associations related to a specific musical genre like the Country Music Association (CMA) and the Gospel Music Association (GMA). They also might belong to the Internet Professional Publishers Association(IPPA).

Suggestions for Getting Started

  • Check the classified section of newspapers in large cities like New York City, Los Angeles, and Nashville.
  • Be sure to look online, starting with some of the more popular job sites, such as and
  • Check for openings on career sites specific to the music industry.
  • Get as much experience writing as you can by getting involved in your school newspaper and/or website.
  • If you know an up-and-coming band, offer to put together their website, so you’ll gain good experience plus something to add to your resume.
  • Consider a part-time job at a local newspaper to get experience and to build contacts.
  • Look for an internship at a record label or a radio station.
  • Send your résumé and cover letter to the Managers of targeted Recording Artists.
  • Check artist websites for job postings.
  • Check for openings in the trades like Billboard and local trade publications.