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Most people struggle to find a music job. They simply don't know how to get from where they are to where they want to be. In order to create a music career, you'll have to understand the career details and know what to expect. In other words, you'll need a road map. Use this site as a resource and a training center. We want to help make you a success!

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Music Schools

Why on earth would anyone attend a music school? After all, plenty of musicians (and non-musicians) develop music careers without the aid of attending a music college. The reason is simple: surrounding yourself with others who have the same passions and goals as you do is powerful. It creates momentum. It secures your identity as someone who will have a music business job.


Getting the music school training you need can help launch your music career because it reduces the often inefficient time we spend trying to learn a skill on our own. For example, it's much more efficient for most people to get an audio engineer job after they have attended a music school to learn the trade, than to find the job with little or no prior experience. In short, attending a music schools or college can really propel your career in music.

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Most Popular Music Schools 

United States

1. Full Sail University

2. Art Institutes


1. The King's University College

2. Redeemer University College

United Kingdom

1. Royal Academy of Music

2. School of Sound Recording


Music Jobs

Below is a list of 100+ jobs in the music industry. Select a music career to consider, review, and get more information about.