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Film & Television Contacts

Film & Television Contacts

Film & Television Music Guide

Film, Television, & Video Game Contacts List

Our guides are CURRENT and updated multiple times per year!

The only Film & Television contacts list of its kind. This is THE book you’ll need if you want to to get your music into film or television.

It includes current lists all movie studio, TV network & independent production company music departments, record & publishing film/tv departments, video game developers, all music supervisors in film/tv, composers, their managers & agents, music clearance companies, music editors and even the people at the ASCAP and BMI Film & TV divisions! You NEED the Film & Television contacts list.

Contacts Include:

  • Film & Television Music Departments

  • Film & Television Trailer Houses

  • Production Music Libraries

  • Music Placement Companies

  • Music Supervisors

  • Music Editors

  • Music Clearance Companies

  • Video Game Companies

  • Commercial Music Production

  • Record Labels

  • Music Publishers

  • Performing Rights Societies

  • Scoring Agents

  • Score Mixers

  • Composers

  • Composer Agents

  • Orchestras

  • Recording Studios

  • Music Prep / Contractors

  • Payroll Services

  • Music Services / Misc

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